Refrigerator Repair


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The refrigerator is the most important appliance in your kitchen. It keeps your meats, produce, and dairy cold and safe from spoilage. When the refrigerator breaks down your food will thaw, get warm, and need to be thrown out. Rather than risk throwing away perfectly good food you need help right away. You need an appliance repair service that provides same-day repairs for freezers and refrigerators.

Fortunately, Fort Smith Appliance Repair is available to repair any common refrigerator problem on the first visit and on the day that you call. We work quickly and efficiently to make sure your refrigerator or freezer is working again and that no food gets spoiled or wasted.



Loud noises are the most common reason we get called to service refrigerators. Most commonly, you have malfunctioning condenser fan motor or evaporator fan motor causing the loud noise. When you call for a same-day service call, try to tell us where the noise is coming from as this will help us bring the right parts and tools. Fix loud noises as soon as they occur or the next problem will be a very quiet refrigerator that does not run at all!


If your refrigerator leaks, you have a door that does not close correctly, a latch that does not work, or a broken water inlet valve. These are problems we can fix on a simple service call with the parts we routinely stock in our vans. Call us for same-day help.


If you refrigerator will not run it might not be plugged in or maybe the circuit breaker has tripped off. If you have checked to make sure the refrigerator is getting electricity and it still does not run, call use for same-day service. Typically the compressor overload relay is broken or there is a temperature control malfunction. These are easy fixes by our trained repairmen.


Don’t put up with an ice maker that doesn’t make ice. You have a broken water inlet valve, broken water fill tubes, or a temperature control problem in the freezer. And, if your ice maker works too slowly the ice may have a bad smell. We fix all of these issues with factory parts and tools on a simple service call.


A refrigerator needs to be at the temperature that you want and not too hot or too cold. When the refrigerator is too warm there is usually a broken air inlet damper. When it is too cold the problem is with the temperature control or the thermistor. A too-cold freeze has the same issue. We fix both freezer and refrigerator temperature issues on all common brands and models.


This is an uncommon refrigerator problem but we can fix it on all major brands like GE, Kenmore, Sears, Whirlpool, Sub-Zero, and others. The problem is that the dispenser actuators are not working correctly or there is a problem with the water inlet valve. Call us for same-day repairs for this problem.


This simple issue can cause big problems. When the door latch is broken or the closure is not right, you will have condensation problems and leaks. Food will spoil and your electricity bill will go up. We can fix these basic issues on a simple service call. And, while we are fixing things, we will repair or replace the broken or burned out bulbs in the refrigerator or freezer.