Places to See in Fort Smith, Arkansas

The city of Fort Smith Arkansas in Sebastian County, Arkansas features cultural diversity, rich history, and an old-west vibe that entwines seamlessly in its modern amenities. It has been ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the cities in the country with the lowest cost of living. Whether traveling alone or with a group, there is something that Fort Smith can offer. It is packed with a plethora of leisure activities that will suit a wide range of interests and budgets.

Some Things To Do in Fort Smith:

Miss Laura’s Visitor Center

Miss Laura’s Visitor Center is a Victorian mansion located in the city’s historic downtown in what once was a red-light district back in the Old West days. The mansion has now been restored to its former grandeur following its placement on the list of National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the most important landmarks in Fort Smith because it allows every visitor to get a glimpse of the city’s colorful past.

St. Scholastica Monastery

The monastery is a 5-story building that features Gothic and Tudor architectural designs. It was built to fulfill the mission of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery which was to provide education to young children, especially those who are marginalized in society. Today, the monastery is a popular destination for both Fort Smith locals and tourists who need a tranquil place to relax and meditate.

Belle Grove Historic District

Belle Grove is one of the oldest communities in the state of Arkansas. It is an opulent neighborhood consisting of Greek Revival-designed houses that were prominent in the 1800s. The Clayton House, McKibben-Bonneville House, Fort Smith Art Center, and The Darby House are among the houses available for tours. Walking the streets of this historical district is an experience that you will never forget.

United States Marshals Museum

Located on North 3rd Street is a Fort Smith museum that celebrates and honors the long history of Marshal service. It features 5 immersive galleries includingThe Campfire – Stories Under The Stars.’ The gallery is a unique feature and a must-see attraction when in Fort Smith.

Cherokee Heritage Center

The heritage center in Fort Smith AR does not only archive the history and artifacts of the Cherokee tribe, but it will also allow its visitors to witness the different village life of the people spanning two centuries. Take on a self-guided tour to Adams Corner Rural Village or Diligwa Cherokee Village and appreciate the accurately replicated settlement that celebrates the rich history of the Cherokee people.

Fort Smith Air Museum

Inside the Fort Smith Regional Airport is the Fort Smith Air Museum that houses a massive collection of displays that showcases the evolution of aviation both in the state of Arkansas and Oklahoma. The display is very accessible to visitors as it is located near the airport’s main entrance.

Fort Smith Museum of History

It is a place that you can visit if you want to learn more about the history of the city. The Fort Smith Museum on Rogers Avenue is also a century-old structure listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Lake Fort Smith State Park

Fort Smith offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures including camping, fishing, hiking, and more. Lake Fort Smith State Park is where you can take part in these adventures while admiring the beauty of the Ozark Mountains and the Boston Mountain Range.


Torraine Lake & Carol Ann Cross Lake

Carol Ann Cross Lake and Torraine Lake on Chad Colley Blvd offer a lot of opportunities for enjoyment, especially when traveling with a family or group. Catching some trout or catfish is a possibility while fishing in these lakes. There are also other activities that you can enjoy including kayaking and trail hiking.

Fort Smith Farmers Market

The farmers market on Garrison Avenue comes alive every Saturday as street performers present their entertainment while the merchants and shoppers flock to trade the season’s bounty. Aside from fresh fruits and vegetables, the Fort Smith Farmers Market is also a great place to find a unique item that will remind you of your trip.

Cherokee and Choctaw Casino

Experience the fun and excitement that these Fort Smith casinos offer to their visitors. Show your skills or just indulge in the nice atmosphere while sipping your drinks. It is a great way to relax after visiting the historic landmarks of Fort Smith.